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The assured blessing of repentance. He acknowledgeth the general doctrine of God's omnipotency. He professeth his confidence in God, and intreateth to know his own sins, and God's purpose in afflicting him. Though life once lost be irrecoverable, yet he waiteth for his change. By sin the creature is subject to corruption. He proveth by tradition the unquietness of wicked men. He sheweth the pitifulness of his case.


He maintaineth his innocency. The unmerciful dealing of men with the afflicted may astonish, but not discourage the righteous. His hope is not in life, but in death. The calamities of the wicked.

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He craveth pity. He believeth the resurrection. Sometimes the wicked do so prosper, and they despise God. Sometimes their destruction is manifest. The happy and unhappy are alike in death. The judgment of the wicked is in another world. He accuseth Job of divers sins.

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He exhorteth him to repentance, with promises of mercy. God, who is invisible, observeth our ways. Job's innocency. God's decree is immutable. There is a secret judgment for the wicked. The hypocrite is without hope.

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The blessings which the wicked have are turned into curses. His prosperity into calamity.

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Because wisdom cometh not from age, he excuseth the boldness of his youth. He reproveth them for not satisfying Job. His zeal to speak. He excuseth God from giving man an account of his ways, by his greatness. God calleth man to repentance by visions, by afflictions, and by his ministry. He inclineth Job to attention. God omnipotent cannot be unjust.

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Man must humble himself unto God. Elihu reproveth Job. Many cry in their afflictions, but are not heard for want of faith. Melden Sie sich an, um diesen Artikel zu bewerten.

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