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Lindsey signed Colors? Weatherbee Keywords 3-D glasses; car hop; guitar; hula hoops; jukebox; leather jacket; roller skates; satellite. View: Large Edit cover. Letters typeset.

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Lodge Synopsis Archie buys a boat to compete with Reggie for Veronica's attention. Lodge and his Industrialist friends for safe-crackers. Andrews; Mrs. Andrews; Jughead Jones dream ; Moose dream Synopsis Archie imagines what life would be like if kids ran things. Skip, Hop, and Thump! Reprints from Laugh Comics Archie, series 75 June Pencils Dan DeCarlo Inks? Call to Arms! Fan Clubbed! Pencils Harry Lucey Inks?

Everybody's Christmas Present! Genre teen Characters Mr. Reprints from Laugh Comics Archie, series 87 May Weatherbee; Miss Grundy; Prof. Flutesnoot Synopsis Archie, Reggie, and Moose enter a contest for the student who shows the most helpful and co-operative attitude towards the teaching staff. Goldwater was one of the founders of the Comics Magazine Association of America , and he served as its president for 25 years. Goldwater was also a national commissioner of the Anti-Defamation League.

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MLJ's first comic book, published in November , was Blue Ribbon Comics with the first half full color and the last half in red and white tints. Top Notch Comics was launched in December Until March , the cover feature of Pep was the Shield when Archie took over the cover. The Andy Hardy movies were an inspiration for Goldwater to have a comic book about a relatable normal person.

Siberkleit and Coyne discontinued Columbia Publications. The February issue of Harvey Kurtzman 's Help! Warren was unable to recall the magazine, [13] but he agreed to settle out of court rather than risk an expensive lawsuit. Archie Comics found their appearance still too close to its copyrighted properties, and threatened another lawsuit.

Kurtzman and Elder settled out of court by handing over the copyright to the story. Archie Comics held onto the copyright and refused to allow the story to be republished. A request from Denis Kitchen in to include the story in his Goodman Beaver reprint collection was turned down. This imprint ended in In the early s, Archie Enterprises Inc. These comics used Archie and his friends to tell stories with strong Christian themes and morals, sometimes incorporating Bible scripture.

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In at least one instance, the regular characters meet a Christ-like figure on the beach, and listen as he gently preaches Christian values. Archie launched a short-lived fantasy and horror imprint, Red Circle Comics , in the s. The company revived that imprint in the s for its brief line of superheroes comics. The day before the play was scheduled to open, Archie Comics issued a cease and desist order, threatening litigation if the play proceeded as written.

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Dad's Garage artistic director Sean Daniels said, "The play was to depict Archie and his pals from Riverdale growing up, coming out and facing censorship. Archie Comics thought if Archie was portrayed as being gay, that would dilute and tarnish his image. Bill Yoshida learned comic book lettering from Ben Oda and was hired in by Archie Comics, where he averaged 75 pages a week for 40 years for an approximate total of , pages. Archie Comics sued music duo The Veronicas for trademark infringement in over the band's name, which Archie Comics alleges was taken from the comic book character.

Archie Comics and Sire Records The Veronicas's record label reached a settlement involving co-promotion. Beginning in , the company partnered with Random House Publisher Services for its bookstore distribution which included trade paperbacks, original graphic novels and additional book formats. Archie Comics saw its graphic novel and collected edition output increase from 11 book titles that year to 33 in , and 40 in Beginning in July , the first issue of Life with Archie was launched.

The series featured two different storylines exploring two possible futures — a world where Archie marries Betty and a world where he marries Veronica. The series also incorporated more contemporary themes including death, marriage woes, same-sex marriage, cancer, financial problems and gun control. In April , Archie Comics became the first mainstream comic-book publisher to make its entire line available digitally on the same day as the print release.

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In October , Archie Comics launched its first horror title, Afterlife with Archie , depicting Archie and the gang dealing with a zombie apocalypse that begins in their hometown of Riverdale. On April 9, , Archie Comics announced that the adult version of Archie Andrews featured in the Life with Archie series would die in issue 36 July , which would also be the second-to-last issue. The first wave included the superheroes the Black Hood, the Fox, and the Shield. The a mature-readers title introduced policer officer Gregory Hettinger, the new Black Hood, who struggles with an addiction to painkillers as a result of a shooting outside a school in Philadelphia.

The company stated that the three titles would still be published at a later time. In March , Archie Comics announced that its two delayed horror series would return under a new imprint, Archie Horror , with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 2 and Afterlife with Archie 8 being released in April and May.

In December , Archie Comics announced that its flagship series Archie would relaunch with a new first issue in July The first title in the company's "New Riverdale" universe, Archie was released with a July cover date and came in at 7 for comic book sales for the month.

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Also announced was Life with Kevin , a digital-first mini-series that debuted in June Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, playwright, screenwriter and comic book writer, was appointed Archie Comics chief creative officer in March In February , Marvel had licensed Archie Comics to publish Marvel Digests collections for the newsstand market starting in November Archie is set in the fictional small town of Riverdale.

The state or even the general location of the town is unspecified. The New York Times postulated that "the cartoonist Bob Montana inked the original likenesses of Archie and his pals and plopped them in an idyllic Midwestern community named Riverdale because Mr. Goldwater, a New Yorker, had fond memories of time spent in Hiawatha, Kansas. Initially, MLJ started out publishing humor and adventure strips in anthology comic books as was the standard, but quickly added superheroes in their first title's second issue, Blue Ribbon Comics 2, with Bob Phantom. Archie's Silver Age relaunch of its superheroes under the Archie Adventure Series imprint and then the Mighty Comics imprint began with a new version of the Shield and two new characters the Jaguar and the Fly.

With the conversion of Archie's Red Circle Comics from horror to superheroes in the s, the Mighty Crusaders, [70] Black Hood, the Comet, the Fly and two version of the Shields had their own titles. Archie planned to publish superheroes again in the late s with an imprint called Spectrum Comics , featuring a number of high-profile talents, including Steve Englehart , Jim Valentino , Marv Wolfman , Michael Bair , Kelley Jones , and Rob Liefeld. Ultimately, Archie cancelled Spectrum Comics before publishing a single issue. In , Archie Comics relaunched its superhero imprint, Red Circle Comics , as an all-digital line under a subscription model with back issues archive access starting with New Crusader.

In , Archie Comics launched a "new look" series of stories, featuring Archie characters drawn in an updated, less cartoony style similar to the characters' first appearance. There are a total of seven storylines and each one was published as a four-part storyline in a digest series. Also each "new look" story was based on a Riverdale High novel, a series of twelve novels; seven that are published, five that are not. They were published in the s.

The United States Postal Service included Archie in a set of five cent commemorative postage stamps on the theme "Sunday Funnies", issued July 16, The Archie stamp featured Veronica, Archie, and Betty sharing a chocolate milkshake.

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Although it only lasted for a single season, it aired in reruns for the next decade, and was followed by several spin-off programs, which used segments from this original Archie show and new material. In , Sabrina, the Teenage Witch got her own animated series , also produced by Filmation. In , another Archie property received the Saturday morning cartoon treatment: Josie and the Pussycats.