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The Maya experienced devastating disease and violence with the Spanish invasion, led by Pedro de Alvarado. In , the Audiencia was established in Guatemala—a tribunal that came to control all land from Chiapas to Costa Rica. The Spanish encomienda system had also been put in place.

Incidents Of Travel In Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan

Maya became forced agricultural laborers on their own land, which was distributed to colonists and clergy. The system continued until Central American independence from Spain in That was why the prime card holder was concerned. The man satisfied that everything was OK and could report back that I was pleased with their efforts he asked what my plans were for the evening. I said we were contemplating going into town for dinner. He said he had one of the few cars on the island and a driver as well and that he could take us into town and after that both the driver and the car would be at our disposal for the night.

After the girl picked out a much better top for dinner from the women's shop, we were soon having dinner at one of the better places in town as recommended by the driver. After that we walked around hand in hand followed by the driver in a town filled with drunks. When we were done for the evening I had her dropped off with her friends then returned to my bungalow. Of course you know who showed up wanting to spend the night. Even though it was late I had the night manager put her up.

Actually they put her up in a tent in their camp ground area. If she was gone the next morning or not when I left I didn't know. Having a beautiful 23 year old young woman with exquisitely beautiful long suntanned legs in the mix or not, I really had much bigger things to be concerned with.

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I was on the island of Utila, an island that was sovereign territory of the country of Honduras. The last official dated stamp on my passport was related to me crossing out of Guatemala into Belize. Nothing on my passport said anything about me having left Belize, either long term, short term, or entering Honduras. Yet, here I was.

Although there was Honduras customs down on the dock for my own personal reasons I didn't want to check in, so the next morning I had the same driver take me into town and with the driver's connections, a local, I was soon fixed up with a charter boat captain willing to take me the miles west across the Caribbean from Utila to Placencia in Belize no questions asked.

Which, for a price, for both the driver and captain was easy enough to do. The day after that I slipped unpretentiously over the side of the boat off the beach from Placencia and after splashing around for awhile walked ashore like any tourist playing in the water might do. I was never questioned by anybody and my passport clearly indicated that I had crossed the border out of Guatemala into Belize from Melchor de Mencos to Benque Viejo del Carmen.

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  • Feeling much better about things and a little more in control with all of the events of Altun Ha and the island of Utila behind me, I called my friends in Cancun telling them I was on my way and would be there in a few days. They told me they had both a beautiful huge yacht with a captain and crew and a really great brand new van and driver available, saying they could come get me however I liked. I told them after my trip from Utila I didn't want "no fuckin' boat.

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    They said they would get a bunch of suites at the Princess Hotel and Casino that's built right along the bay in Belize City, we could all hang out around the pool and in the casino for three or four days, then head out. I told them I would at least meet them in Belize City, but after that I wasn't sure, which was good enough for them. Of course you know who was already waiting for the bus to Belize City by the time I showed up.

    None other than the long legged sometimes sans underpants bat-cave girl from Utila. The same day I departed Utila on my clandestine ruse boat trip to Placencia she had already left Camp Utila Village on her own, backtracking how she and her girlfriend got to the island in the first place.

    When I asked what her next move was she said she didn't know because she really didn't have any amount of money to speak of. Then she wanted to know what my next move was. I told her I was on my way to Belize City to catch up with some people I knew who were flying down from Cancun to meet me.

    Yucatán & Belize road trip 2018

    Her next question was could she join in. I told her these people were all super well off, most from old money or dubious means, highly sophisticated, and highly educated. They didn't like new people unless they selected them themselves and when they did they were like a cat playing with a mouse. If you weren't lucky enough to escape or fool them by playing dead, it was only a matter of time. Then, offering a caveat, I said if she was willing I was willing. She said because of me she was willing, but afraid. It was then I told her about the group.

    Between the time I graduated from high school but before I was drafted into the miliary I worked on a marlin boat come yacht owned by David Halliburton, Sr the multi-millionaire heir to the Halliburton oil fortune. Working on the boat and spending a lot of down time in Cabo San Lucas as well as being the only full time crew member, the skipper and I became fairly good friends.

    When he was diagnosed with cancer and could no longer work I made it a point go by and see him on a regular basis. Several months prior to his death the skipper moved back to his onetime childhood home in Wilmington, California, still owned by his mother, to finish up his life. On one of the days I was there he pointed out a fairly good sized cardboard box across the room he had been filling up telling me inside was a bunch of handwritten notebooks, logs, photographs and personal items related to his years being a skipper for Halliburton.

    He told me when he was done he would send the box to me and for me to hand deliver it to Halliburton when I got the chance. Whoever was supposed to send the box must have mislocated it or something as it took forever to catch up with me. One thing led to the next and by the time the box showed up it got lost in the shuffle and I genuinely forgot about it.

    Partly so their wives would make the trip, instead of complaining about the men's frequent Mexican fishing excursions, David Sr. After my return I was going through some of my junk that I had put into storage before I left and came across the box the skipper sent me years before intended for Halliburton. He asked me to stay a few days and as I was leaving he made me promise I would return. After that first trip, keeping my promise, I went down several more times, each time Halliburton making sure my rooms were comped as well as all expenses incurred while there covered. During one of my visits to the Twin Dolphin Martin was there accompanied by a movie and TV actress of true natural talent, the fabulously beautiful Phyllis Davis , who, after a formal meeting several years later, would not only make a major impact in my life but hers as well.

    Although she and I didn't meet during our stay at the Twin Dolphin nor were we introduced she and I had been in the same general mix of people over a span of several days in and around the resort. One morning for Sunday Brunch, under invitation, we sat at the same table at the same time, and of which she apparently didn't remember. However, he still comped me rooms, but in a multi-millionaire's eyes I was still a onetime hireling. Later, when I brought it to his attention that long before my summer job on his boat he had a crush on my cousin when he was about 20 or so he was a little befuddled.

    Stretching the truth a bit by calling my Stepmother mother and her niece my cousin as well as saying I lived at my mother's place across the street from his family home in Berkeley Square when I actually lived at the artist-studio compound of my Uncle a couple of blocks away, he practically shit. Remembering the cousin fondly and my stepmother's status as she was, rich, powerfully influential in certain circles on both sides of the law and at the top of her game in those days, I was suddenly escalated to that of a peer and taken into his inner circle, especially since now he thought of me no longer as a crew member, but working as a teenager during the summer, a highly admirable thing, telling me his dad made him do it too.

    During one of the summers I was at the Twin Dolphin for an unknown number of days the same group, albeit much younger then, that I was going to meet in Belize City was staying there as well. Even then they were establishing themselves. They were well liked by staff. They had great credentials and connections.


    Spent a lot of money and were big tippers. The bartender, pointing out one of the guys in the group, told me that a few days before he had a Type Porsche Spyder RSK sent down by boat and when they were unloading it slipped off the dock or something and fell into the bay. He and his friends went down to the dock, saw it sitting underwater on the bottom of the bay and he simply said fish it out and send it home. Then they all went back to the Twin Dolphin like nothing ever happened. One evening early I was walking in the hall to my room when one of the females of the group came out of her room carrying something in her mouth, putting her key in her purse and running when the heel of one of her stilettos came off, she twisted her ankle and fell to the floor.

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    I had just opened my door so I helped her up, sat her in a chair, got her a glass of water and called the front desk. The next thing I knew my room was crawling with people all wanting to know what happened and if she was OK with even one member of her group wanting to know what the hell I had done to her.

    She quickly resolved everything and everybody left. Later I was sitting at the bar having a drink and she and her group were across the room at a large table having dinner. On the way back from the ladies room, a trip I was sure was on purpose, the young lady who had fallen stopped, and while taking a green olive out of the bartender's stash with a little plastic pirate sword toothpick and sensuously or erotically savoring the olive in her mouth while trying to drop the pimento into mine, asked why I hadn't come over to her table and ask how her ankle was.