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The boat had left from Tangier. Shortly afterwards, our contact person in Tangier forwarded a GPS position of the boat and stated that the people on the boat had already reached out to Salvamento Maritimo. On Friday the 22nd of September , our shift team was informed to a boat carrying 12 people. An Alarm Phone member in Morocco reached the boat at 7. A few minutes later, Salvamento Maritimo stated that they had localised the boat and had informed the Moroccan Navy as it was still in Moroccan waters.

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They were calm but sad that they would be returned to Morocco, the place they had sought to escape. On Wednesday the 27th of September , at 7. Their boat was losing air and 4 persons had already fallen into the water.

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They asked to be rescued immediately, even by the Moroccan authorities. We directly called the Moroccan Marine Royale, which told us that a rescue operation had already started. In another call at 7. On Saturday the 30th of September , at We decided to call the Moroccan Marine Royal at 11am, who promised to send a rescue boat. At 2pm, the Moroccan Marine Royale confirmed to us that the travellers from this boat had been rescued.

On Saturday, 7th of October , at am, a contact person informed us about a boat that had left around Asilah, Morocco at 5am towards Barbate, Spain carrying 45 people. At pm, we called Salvamento Maritimo and informed them about the boat. They said they already knew about the case. At pm, a contact person told us that the boat had been intercepted by the Moroccan Marine Royale. At , a contact person alerted us to a second boat with 33 travellers that had also left from Asilah at 5am. We informed Salvamento Maritimo at pm about the boat. On Tuesday the 10th of October at 8.

After trying to reach the travellers without success, we alerted the Spanish search and rescue organisation Salvamento Maritimo SM to the case at 8. At 10am SM informed us that they were probably in contact with the travellers. Up until that point the Moroccan Navy had rescued three vessels with five, ten and 33 travellers, and SM had rescued one vessel with seven people, one vessel with 42 people, and a vessel with five people which they thought could be the one from our case.

On Friday the 13th of October at 5. The call was interrupted immediately, and when we called back the connection was bad, and all we could hear was the wind in the background.

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Through a contact person in Morocco we learned that they were seven travellers who had left at 1pm local time from a beach near Tangier, heading for Tarifa. They could not tell us anything about the specific case, but told us that they had conducted many rescue operations. We then called the head quarter in Madrid, who informed us that the travellers had been rescued and brought to Cadiz.

On Wednesday the 18th of October , at We reached out to them at Unable to properly communicate, we tried to re-establish contact several times, for some time without success. Around noon, we were informed that the boat-people were able to see a blue tanker in the vicinity. The Spanish search and rescue organisation Salvamento Maritimo confirmed the rescue of the boat at 2. On Friday the 20th of October , at 3. They had left from Beni Ensar and were now close to Melilla. Their engine had broken down and we also received a number of one of the boat-people.

Minutes later, we called the boat and they confirmed the information and added that they needed help and were able to see the lights of Melilla. In a phone call with the boat-people at 3. Following their account, the boat was still in Moroccan waters. However, for hours, neither the Spanish nor Moroccan authorities sent rescue assets to the location of the boat. On Sunday the 22nd of October , our shift team was informed at 4. We reached the boat shortly afterwards and spoke to a man who said that their boat was still able to move on.

On vessel tracking websites our shift team detected an asset of the Spanish search and rescue organisation Salvamento Maritimo heading in the direction of the boat, the location of which we had received at 6. The people on the boat confirmed that they could see a vessel approaching but they could not confirm whether or not the rescue vessel had spotted them.

We passed the confirmation on to our contact person. He in turn informed us at 3.

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On Tuesday the 24th of October , at 9. In another call at On Sunday the 29th of October , at 6.

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We called the travellers at 6. We stayed in contact with them until 7. Fortunately, they were able to flip the boat and enter it again.


We immediately called the Spanish rescue organization Salvamento Maritimo S. Later on, the travellers first told us that the helicopter had spotted them and second that the rescue vessel was approaching them. On Friday, the 8th of September , at am, we were alerted by a contact person to a boat carrying 40 travellers towards the Greek island of Kastellorizo. At am, he informed us that the people had landed on the island.

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We got in touch with them at am; they had stranded on a rocky part of the island. They sent us their position and told us that some of them were injured. They were afraid of a possible pushback to Turkey. They told us that a boat of the Greek Coast Guard had come by and had left again. We called the Kastellorizo Port Police, who confirmed that they were working on the case. At am, the Port Police confirmed that the people were safe — they had been rescued to Greece. On Saturday, the 9th of September , at am, we were alerted by a contact person to a boat in distress, carrying 45 passengers, East of Lesvos.

We called the Greek Coast Guard and they said they would search for the boat.

We then contacted the travellers to pass on the information and also stayed in touch with the Coast Guard, passing them updated positions of the boat. We documented the distress alert via email. At am, the contact person informed us that the engine of the boat was working again. At am, he told us that the travellers had been rescued. On Sunday, the 10th of September, at am, we were informed by a contact person about a rubber boat south of Lesvos, carrying 60 people, among them many children and 5 pregnant women.

The boat was still moving and we continuously received updated positions until at am the situation on the overloaded boat became worse and worse. We called the travellers and then informed the Greek Coast Guard, who said they would send a rescue boat. On Monday the 11th of September , at 0. They were close to the Greek island Kos, but as their engine broke down they were not able to move forward.

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  • We agreed that we would alert the Greek coast guard. The coast guard informed us that they had already sent a boat towards this position. We stayed in contact with the travellers and the contact person, and received a new position, showing that they had managed to move a bit forwards. Shortly after the travellers sent us a photo showing them on board a rescue vessel. On Sunday the 17th of September , at 9.

    The contact person also informed us that the boat was carrying 30 travellers, amongst them 12 women and eight children. On Wednesday the 27th of September , at 4. We called them immediately and learned that there were 51 persons on board, including 13 children, all coming from Syria. We stayed in contact with them until they reached the uninhabited island Passas, east of Chios. On Friday the 29th of September , at 1am, a contact person provided the Alarm Phone with a phone number of travellers in distress in the Aegean Sea.

    We were able to reach the travellers by phone and learned that they had left the Turkish coast one hour earlier and were heading in the direction of the Greek island of Lesvos. We immediately alerted the Greek coast guard and tried to stay in contact with the travellers.

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    I would stress once again that the Commission is always ready to cooperate with and support the Romanian authorities in this process. I trust this dialogue will continue, and we will be meticulous and precise in all the elements of the proposals that we would like to discuss with the Romanian authorities. The latest developments are a source of growing concern for the Commission.

    If adopted without changes, the combined effect of the amended justice laws and the criminal codes would affect the capacity of the justice system, including the prosecution service, to effectively fight against corruption and other crimes. This means backtracking from the situation that led the Commission to make a positive assessment in our report of January We will report on the situation in our next CVM report next month.