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There is an old saying in Italian which says that to say 'translator' is to say 'traitor' and it's not that they do it deliberately. I translate the sermons for hispanics at our church, and found a Bilingual Bible that has language that is more like hispanics would speak day to day.

Santa Biblia Bilingüe Español Italiano by Anonymous

It took me a long time to find it. I purchased it at Amazon. You might want to look into it. It has Spanish in the left column, and English on the right column of each page. Puede que quiras chequearla. I feel that if it appeared some times in the original language texts then it was there for a reason, for us to get to know God personally and it's a real privilege that He made his name known to us.

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I do have an '8 translation in 1' copy of the Bible in English which I often refer to and as has been mentioned above you can certainly get the truth of God's word from any translation. One point I would make when choosing though is that although some paraphrased versions may seem easier to read I do feel that something must get lost in such a loose translation and there is more room for translator input - so the person's beliefs and background may have a bearing.

Whereas a word for word translation limits the possibility of losing the original meaning. Just my two pennies anyway - the main thing is to read it.

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Holman does a parallel version of this which I have, it's great. I'd suggest you check out the text of all of them at BibleGateway. No soy Testigo de Jehovah, ni tampoco estoy tratando de convencer a nadie. Habre los ojos Mundo. Dado que los traductores usan enfoques las traducciones va a ser escrito distintamente mientras tratan de peservar el.

I know that the intent of the questioner was to find the best "word for word" rather than "thought for thought" translation, but even though NIV is "thought for thought" it is very, very good. God spoke and created all we see; and also has created all the invisible that we're not able to see. Therefore, this same God is Powerful to write a book, the Bible, and preserve it throughout time for us and is able to bring or guide anyone He determines to the knowledge and understanding of Who He is through the original languages of Hebrew and Greek, just as well as through any language in the world and through any orthodox version in that language.

Jesus said that the gospel will be preached throughout the world and then the end will come. In Habakuk we read that the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the seas. Before the third day of creation, the earth was completely covered with water. I mean the end for the unbelievers that live in darkness and to whom the return of Jesus will be as a thief in the night, but the best is yet to come for the true believers, for the children of light, who watch, pray and yearn for His return that will not be a surprise nor overtake us as a thief in the night 1 Thesalonians What about the parable of the fig tree and what can we learn from it about the return of Jesus?

Many of us believe that the nation of Israel is represented as the fig tree in the Bible. In Psalms 90 we read about the latest approximation of the length of a generation in years according to God: 70 to 80 years. Israel became a nation again on May 14, and had not been a nation since AD 70, for about 1, years!

Do a search about this date in any of the internet's search engines such as www. Por eso, este mismo Dios es Todopoderoso para escribir la Biblia y preservarla por todos los tiempos para nosotros y es capaz de llevar o guiar a cualquiera que El determine al conocimiento y entendimiento de quien El es por medio de los lenguages originales de Hebreo y Griego, de la misma manera que por medio de cualquier otro lenguage en el mundo y por medio de cualquier version ortodoxa en ese lenguage. Realiza una busqueda acerca de esta fecha en cualquier motor de busqueda del internet como www.

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  5. Since we are on this topic, I just wanted to add an additional observation that I have made concerning Spanish Bibles. I happen to have the Reina-Valera version. This is not for any particular reason except that I have also been reading through the New King James recently in English and wanted to be able to compare them side by side. My routine is to read a few chapters in English, immediately followed by the same chapters in Spanish.

    I have noticed that being able to read the Bible in Spanish has helped me to understand and see many new truths that I had not noticed before. I think Spanish words are a bit more descriptive than their English counterparts, which may be the reason for this. Apart from the often-quoted use of "witch" in the King James Bible for a word known to mean "poisoner", I reckon that most versions are as good as people believe they are.

    Why do people believe in one rather than another?

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